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Lewisham Bereavement Counselling


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At LBC we are really lucky to receive funding from the our local council and NHS to deliver Bereavement Counselling to Lewisham residents.


However, we would love to develop our services and provide other options for those who are bereaved. For example, we know that many people come to us during the initial stages of their loss, looking for support and guidance. At the moment we can only provide written resources. As part of our development plan we would like to provide opportunities for them to get a small amount of face to face or telephone support, and to help set up informal group gatherings for support. 


We know there are lots of potential funding options, but we don't have the expertise or resources to do this. 


Could you help?

If you have the time and experience to help us, please get in touch through outr Chair of Trustees. 


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