Lewisham Bereavement Counselling
Lewisham Bereavement Counselling 

Lewisham Bereavement Counselling


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What we do

While many of us will have and want the support of our family and friends to help us grieve and deal with our loss, others will feel isolated and alone or feel they just can't cope. It may also be that we would prefer to recieve support from someone outside our immediate family circle.


Outside professional support can help us with what we are going through.

How can we help you?

As well as advice and information, we also provide confidential, one-to-one counselling to all bereaved people over the age of 18 living in the Lewisham Borough.


Counselling is provided by our professionally trained volunteer counsellors. One-to-one counselling, offers you an opportunity to express and share your feelings, thoughts and worries - no matter how complex these may be - with someone who is able to listen,empathise and accept you without judgement.

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